Copywriting involves developing and turning ideas into strong messages that encourage the target audience to interact with a particular brand. A copy can come in many different forms; traditional (print) and non-traditional (digital). Additionally, a copy can take on different content types; informational, educational, marketing etc. Most copywriters are employed by public relations firms, advertising agencies, book publishers and magazines. They fall under the creative department and work closely with the senior copywriters, editors and art directors. Thinking and generating ideas require full concentration and hard work; therefore, many copywriters do not double up at work; doing sales and administrative work apart from copywriting, copyediting etc.

The copywriter takes ownership of the advertisement’s ultimate core message in terms of style, tone and word choice. By taking charge of this responsibility, the copywriter needs to be sensitive, sharp-minded and build rapport with client in order to grasp the motivations of the client’s goals, which is definitely a lot more helpful than knowing what the firm does. After numerous interactions with the client, the copywriter also needs to be self-motivated enough to consistently hone his or her skills in creating new content and refining existing content. This includes conducting research on novel topics, unfamiliar jargons, target audience etc. Copywriting requires huge flexibility when it comes to adapting to different writing styles as the world becomes more digitalized; messages can reach a lot more people, as opposed to traditional print media in the past.  Copywriting is no longer relegated to merely spreading brand awareness; bolstering a certain brand image requires copywriters to re-evaluate the competitive market, remove stale advertising tactics and reinvent fresh pitching that is unique and impactful.

Against the backdrop of this ever changing creative scene, business longevity is gradually fading. Engaging good copywriters and creatives become critical as companies strategize to stay relevant and competitive. Many of us have witnessed the decline of former established firms such as Kodak, Borders and CD stores while decade old organizations such as Google and Facebook continue to keep up with customer-centric and media-sensitive phenomena.

We at Scribers believe that content writing is an essential asset to many businesses today. As companies strive to keep up with the changing times, they are turning their attention to copywriting as a form of keeping the target audience engaged and interested in their line of services and/or products. To find out more about our copywriting service, please do not hesitate to log on to! We look forward to hearing from you soon!