Golden rule: Give a cultural and visual connection to your name or brand.

What does it mean by cultural exactly? Giving your brand a cultural connection means going the extra mile to understand your target audience in terms of striking a balance of being “global” yet “localized”. In other words, you need a name that is universal yet strikes a chord with the local context. Understand the local context by understanding the linguistic environment. For example, when venturing into the Asian market, avoid the digit four as it bodes misfortune since it sounds like “die” to Chinese speakers. For example, in Latin America, while nova refers to “star” however, in the other Spanish speaking communities, this can be inferred as “it won’t go”. Obviously, the car sales of a certain company did not go too well eventually.

Giving your brand a visual connection would mean using visuals to evoke the desired emotions and reactions from your target audience. Visuals could come in the form of colors. For instance, selecting red for your company logo represents resilience and vibrancy (Chinese perceive red to be a very auspicious color, symbolizing festivity and good fortune) while blue represents stability and tranquility. To many Japanese, they perceive dark colors to be royal colors (black, dark blue, royal purple) however this could go the opposite way for many Chinese. Dark colors tend to be treated as solemn colors by a majority from the Chinese community.

At Scribers, we ensure that all efforts are focused on executing and taking your branding to a higher level. We are not only a quality service provider of translation (44 languages) but we also support clients in their localization efforts. In today’s globalized business setting, it is no longer sufficient enough to make your selection nonchalantly from a sea of foreign words. The name that represents your company has to be catchy, trendy, sophisticated and representative of your brand that suits your target audience’s preference. Your branding efforts need to address this preference by ensuring that the underlying message is conveyed efficiently without having to go through the nitty-gritty information about your products and services. To enquire more about our translation and localization services, log on to!