I just read the blog from Moz and saw this useful chart. Personally, the comparison of the traditional concept of interruption marketing and the new concept of inbound marketing is quite clear at a glance which I just can’t wait to share this with you.

In the past decades, customers have limited channels to absorb information which made interruption-based marketing having a strong power to influence customers’ decision-making. TV commercial is a good example of interruption marketing. When you really put yourself in the story; the TV commercial would pop out and interrupt you in order to get more attention. It really works in the past time. However, as technology advances, customers have more channels to get information through official website, blogs and other social media platforms which means marketers cannot get customers’ attention as easily as the ol’ day.

What should we do now?

By observing this chart from Moz, we have a clear understanding of the core value of inbound marketing. Now, you might need to modify the weight of these  two marketing strategies and measure its’ effectiveness. Indeed, Scribers believes that in the next few decades, the efforts and dollars to put forward to “Inbound marketing” will be more sophisticated! Let’s exploit and have fun in this trend!

Image source: Moz

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